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This guide you’re about to read is the culmination of the 100+ articles Danny has written on the subject, the learnings he has made through his own experimentations, the books he has read, the courses he has completed, the data he has collected from the SkillUp program, and the data he has collected from various expert sources.

It’s the ultimate guide to help you on your journey to skill development.

Are you ready to SkillUp your life?

Our mission

Forest Co’s mission is to help people grow in a better world.

What we do

We currently help you in three areas:

  • Learning new skills;

  • Becoming more productive; and

  • Becoming more self-aware.

Our founder’s story - Danny Forest


Inspired by Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Leonardo Da Vinci, I have succeeded in a variety of fields including software engineering, writing, photography, game designing, e-commerce, drawing etc. and am continually improving my skillset by learning 3 skills a month every month. Time is one of the most valuable things to me and I believe in utilizing it 100% to help people thrive. To make every second count, I carefully and obsessively plan my schedule for each day and delegate whatever tasks I can to my helpers. I “work” 14 hours a day and would much rather do that than anything else.

People know me as a genuine and honest person and I don’t write or do things for popularity or money. Considering all this you might find it a surprise that I am a big time metalhead and often sleep and meditate on it. You might also find it a surprise that I find people distract me, I hate talking to people at work.

4 Links to Know the Real Me

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Serial Entrepreneur

I'm a serial entrepreneur who has started 7 different companies. The most recent ones are Power Level Studios and Forest Co.

Software Engineer

I'm a Software Engineer who has experience in many different aspects of the profession. See my LinkedIn profile.


I'm a top writer in Education, Travel, Inspiration, Entrepreneurship, Photography, Life, Life Lessons, Self Improvement,  Startups and Productivity on I write from The StartupThrive GlobalThe Ascent and Power Level Studios. I also contribute to Entrepreneur and Thought Catalog magazines.


I'm a semi-professional photographer, taking photos for Sundara Fund and WeWork.

Constant Learner

I learn 3 new skills every month and like to try everything, so long as it's interesting and useful.