Prithviraj’s Story

Prithviraj and I at a Café in Bangalore, India

Prithviraj and I at a Café in Bangalore, India


How we met

Prithviraj is a member of the SkillUp your Life program and part of my inspiration to start the program to begin with.

Prithviraj was one of my readers on and wrote to me a few times from the comments section of some of my articles. When he learned I was moving to Bangalore, he reached out on LinkedIn and we connected. A few days after I moved to Bangalore, we met for a beer at a trendy place in Koramangala, the neighbourhood I was living in.


He was calling me his mentor, which was a strange thing for me, because a year prior, I wasn’t in a situation that wasn’t much different than his. I felt stuck in a lifestyle that wasn’t working for me, everything I tried didn’t really work and I wasn’t really all that happy with my life. It was the same for Prithviraj at the time.

Over the three months I stayed in Bangalore, we met regularly to chat about his situation and we tried to brainstorm ways to make his situation better. What I saw in Prithviraj was curiosity and a strong desire to change his life around. But like everyone, he just needed a little accountability push.

I definitely saw progress during the time I was in India and even though he hadn’t yet done the changes he needed to do in his life by the time I left, I knew he was on the right track.

His Life-Changing Moment

Fast-forward to three days ago, where I had a call with him. It had been probably three months since we last chatted.

His story was just amazing. He had Skilled Up his life!

For three generations in his family, no one would dare go near water. Everyone had fear of drowning because a member of the family went into the sea and downed.

Prithviraj decided to conquer that lasting fear and prove his family it’s not all bad. So, in September, he decided to go swim for his real first time. Of course, he was afraid, but he was determined. He was smart and learned techniques on Youtube first and practiced in the water.

After less than a week, he surprised himself with how good he managed to become in such a short timeframe. And that is KEY!

When you’re determined and remove the mental block that you can’t do something, magic happens.

That’s what happened with Prithviraj’s fear of water and that’s what happened with my perception that because I’m a logical person, I can’t do anything creative. That’s why I started with learning how to draw. I wanted to test the theory that it’s possible to learn anything based on the above theory. I proved it to myself time and again, and so did Prithviraj.

In that short period of time, Prithviraj changed his life around. With his new found confidence, he switched jobs and got a 50% raise to his salary. He now works for a company where he’s truly valued and works on projects he loves. He moved his parents over and offered them financial stability. He’s no longer afraid of water and swims four times a week because he found a new passion.

When you don’t try, you don’t know what you’re going to love.

When I started writing, I never knew I’d still be writing today. I was simply learning a new skill, and now it’s where I make most of my money.

Prithviraj inspired his family and friends to try the same. He’s the living proof that simply learning a new skill you thought you could never learn can completely change your life around for the better. Prithviraj is now a hero to his family and friends (he doesn’t like when I use this word, but I stand by it).

Be inspired by Prithviraj’s amazing story and begin learning skills that can change your life forever!

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