Skill Ideas


  • Line Art and Coloring using Photoshop

  • Non-fiction writing 

  • Fiction writing

  • Poem Writing

  • Video production for <Personal Branding, movies, etc>

  • Video post-production using <DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut, Premiere, After Effects, etc>

  • <Video game, book, movie> trailer creation

  • Photo editing using <Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.>


  • Spanish vocabulary for <the work place, casual conversations, ordering at restaurants, university, etc.>

  • Basics of <language>


  • Storytelling best practices

  • Public Speaking best practices

  • Podcasting editing

  • Podcasting


  • Classification using <Machine Learning, other algorithm, etc.>

  • Learning to Learn

  • Making Kickstarter projects that work


  • Gaining mass as an ectomorph

  • Losing weight as an <endomorph, man, woman, etc.>

  • Executing effective serves at <Tennis, other racquet sport>

  • Understanding bouldering (rock climbing) movements and rock types


  • Health nutrition for maximum muscle regeneration

  • Mental Health: Daily Journaling

  • Mental Health: Basics of meditation


  • Dropshipping and the art of selling physical goods for a niche

  • Social Media Marketing on <Facebook, Twitter, YouTube> for <Video Games, books, movies, etc.>