SkillUp Academy Premium 1-Year Pass


SkillUp Academy Premium 1-Year Pass

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This premium membership is for you if:

  • You’re not sure where to start when it comes to learning new skills;

  • You are overwhelmed by the amount of learning material out there and don’t know what to choose;

  • You procrastinate. You’re not sure how to stay accountable and follow through on your learning goals;

  • You want to save an enormous amount of time by unlocking the secrets of skill learning;

  • You’d like to learn alongside others who are as passionate as you are.

We worked really hard to give you an offer that’s truly incredible.

Note: The introductory offer is for the first 100 premium members only.

For $420, you get:

✅ Free access to Danny's new $997 course

✅ Get 20% off your first Trainership session (value of between $20 and $200+) (Early access in November 2019)

✅ Get the Limitless Toolbox for free (value of $149.99)

✅ Get a complementary 30-minute call with Danny after completing his course (value of $250)

✅ Our team will keep you accountable every day for a year

✅ You'll get assigned a personal assistant who will do everything in their power to make you reach your goal. Valid for 1 year.

✅ An infinite amount of Skill Sharing agreements with other trainees (limit of 1 for free account). Valid for 1 year.

✅ Constantly updated partner offers*

And coming up in December 2019:

✅ Access to our powerful AI engine, suggesting the right material for you to learn

✅ Access to “Trainee Clubs”, the best way to meet other trainees and learn alongside them

✅ Ability to export your data in CSV format

*Current partner offers:

✅ Free first chapter of the new Ultralearning book, by expert learner Scott H. Young

✅ Free copy of Scott H. Young’s highly popular eBook: 7 Must Know Skills to Learn Anything Faster

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive all my bonuses?

Up to 24 hours.

Can I get a refund?

No. Please use the Monthly subscription if you’re not sure about your purchase. You can cancel subscriptions at any time.

Are you sure this works?

The hardest part is to change a person’s psychology, which the course does its best. The most important part in learning anything is to stay consistent, and our team will do our very best to keep you accountable.

So are we sure? If you apply what you learn, we are certain it works.

So, you’re charging even while this is in Beta?

We feel confident that even in Beta, there’s plenty of value for you in our offer.

How are you going to spend that money?

I’m glad you asked!

90% salaries for development and growth, and 10% to charity.

We’re setting up a foundation with a mission to provide funds for local NGOs around the world to help improve education of local communities. By purchasing the subscription, you contribute to better education all over the world!