Marketing Tasks

Help with emails

  • Email marketing - Increase my open rate and click through rate.

  • Email automation strategies and implementation.

  • Help with improving content on emails.

  • Assess what the best number of emails per week should be.

  • Help with getting new subscribers.

    Help with the website

  • Website SEO.

  • Content marketing.

  • Write website copy (probably with SEO in mind).

  • Website UI.

  • Analyze Website analytics.

  • Analyze stats from Airtable + provide recommendations on how to increase them.

  • PR outreach - reach out to interesting companies and people I could chat with to connect and do business with Forest Co (in any form).

  • Help with the best strategies to get the digital products selling better.

  • Help with assessing the best price for the products.

  • Help with getting guest writers on the website.

    Help with SkillUp Academy

  • Images with captions for FB and other social media.

  • Youtube search to see what videos we’ve competing with for each one we post. (Find strategies to rank higher).

  • Help make Youtube thumbnails.

  • Analyze Social Media Analytics.

  • Social Media copy.

  • Youtube Keyword research.

  • Instagram hashtag research.

  • Organizing LinkedIn contacts.

  • LinkedIn outreach planning.

  • Youtube growth strategy planning and implementation (as much as possible).

  • Social media strategy planning and implementation.

  • Help with Video Trailer creation.

  • Help with Branding strategy and implementation.

  • FB ads.

  • Market research (Find our main competitors).

  • Survey creation.

  • Forms creation.

  • Improve the Youtube descriptions.

  • Help with engaging the audience on Instagram.

  • Find a Frontend Programmer.

    Help with Power Level Studios

  • Help with Video Trailer creation.

  • Find a Level Designer.

  • Help with marketing.

    Help with writing on Medium

  • Find great topics to write and talk about using: Askthepublic, Google Trends, Other tools.

  • Analyze stats from Airtable + provide recommendations on how to increase them.

    Help with marketing my books

  • Book re-launch team(s).