Want to be more productive, more accountable, and meet amazing people around the world, without leaving the comfort of your couch or breaking the bank?

You’ve come to the right place!

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When the founder of Forest Co, Danny, couldn’t find a physical coworking space in Malaga, Spain, he had the idea of searching for a virtual coworking space and couldn’t really find anything good enough.

With that resolve, he knew he had to do something about it! One of his favourite quotes is this one:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”—Jim Rohn

But what about when you can’t really “up” your average? What if you can’t physically surround yourself with the right people?

That’s why he founded Forest Coworking. He wanted people like you and him to have access to most of the benefits of a physical coworking space, without the physical restrictions, like location.

Moreover, he wanted this to be affordable. Coworking spaces can be very expensive. In big cities like Toronto or New York, good luck finding a seat for less than $300 / month.

It is a community of like-minded individuals who like to work hard while meeting other people both for business or personal reasons, or both.

Benefits of coworking

  • Opens up networking opportunities for business and personal reasons;

  • Removes loneliness;

  • Events;

  • Entertainment;

  • Accountability;

  • Meeting rooms;

  • Looks more professional than working from home.

Benefits of Forest Coworking

  • All of the benefits of coworking from above;

  • Public Member profile to facilitate meeting the right people;

  • Added accountability;

  • Access to a growing world-wide and diverse community;

  • Community-organized events;

  • Mastermind groups;

  • Brown bag sessions;

  • and much more!

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Ready to be more productive, more accountable, and meet amazing people around the world, without leaving the comfort of your couch?

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Once you choose a plan, you’ll be added to the virtual office and the Slack group within 24 hours. We greet everyone “in-person”.

Select from one of these two plans:

Virtual Coworking Monthly
30.00 every month
Virtual Coworking Yearly
300.00 every 12 months

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  • Always be respectful.


Can I get a free trial?

Because we pay our service provider by number of seats, we cannot offer free trials on a regular basis.

What if my internet connection isn’t great?

No worries, most of the features will still work perfectly fine with a poor connection (<5mbps download speed). As any other video chat app, the video chat feature will be choppier if the internet connection isn’t as fast. The rest will work perfectly fine!

Why is this better than a physical coworking space?

It is not dependant on a location, meaning you can be in your favourite environment all the while connecting with the most diverse community of like-minded individuals on the planet.

Will I be distracted by other people?

The biggest cause of distraction in an office setting is tap-on-the-shoulder interruption, which can’t happen in the virtual world. A notification is much easier than someone tapping on your shoulder!

What if I don’t speak good English?

Some virtual spaces are organized by languages. Also, chat in any form (text, audio, video) is optional. You can still benefit from the accountability and many other features without ever speaking to anyone.

Will I really meet people?

You bet! And from a much more diverse background than in a physical coworking space! People assemble in the kitchen for lunch, the break room or even the gym. These are great places for connecting with other people on the platform.

Can I invite guests / clients?

You can invite outside users to any room in the virtual space you work from. If you used the tour booking feature with us, it’s the exact same thing!

How frequent are the events? Are they optional?

We try to have events once a week. They are completely optional.

How can I spread the word about Forest Coworking?

I’m glad you asked and thank you for your interest. We have a Referral program where you can make decent money while showing your appreciation for the Coworking.

More information here: Referral Program.

Where can I send my suggestions?

You can email coworking@dannyforest.com