A Metalhead’s Top 10 Quirks

Quirks are powerful distinguishers of people and truly make us unique

Thanks for nominating me Brian Pennie! I thought that would be a hard exercise, but I guess I’m more quirky than I thought I was haha!

1. I’m a big time metalhead, and often meditate and sleep on it

My wife hates it. But she also sleeps on it, though for her, it’s because she’s bored.

2. I can’t finish anything

I’m very much a starter. I can’t complete anything I start. Sometimes I wish I could.

3. I “work” 14 hours a day and would much rather do that than anything else.

I’m basically furniture for the co-working space I work from.

4. I’m the most antisocial social person in the world

People distract me, I hate talking to people at work. I moved desk to be further away from people. Yet I have deep conversations with everyone when I have them.

5. I combine my intensity in a friendly way (I try to, accidentally haha)

I’m a pretty intense person in many ways, but I try to never let that be in the way of being a friendly person.

6. I finish all my sentences with “haha”

Especially in chat. I’m at least genuinely smiling when I write that.

7. I have a disdain for money

I can’t get myself to want money beyond what I need to live. Sometimes I wish I could.

8. I’m freakishly organized

My entourage both online and offline can attest to that.

9. There’s no convincing me to wake up past 5am. Earlier? Not a problem!

I’m just that much more productive in the morning with no distractions around.

10. I genuinely want to change the world for the better

If I’m going to be alive only for so much time, then might as well make the most of it in an impactful way.


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