The Only Way to Know For Sure If People Would Click Your Headline

Introducing the best peer-reviewed headline platform

I’m part of a few writing groups aimed to support each other with our writing. In every single one of them, one problem keeps surfacing:

How do I write better headlines?

In a thread from Medium Mastery, we were discussing the importance of the headline (hint: it’s very important for views) and how people went about testing their headlines before publishing.

Most reported preferring using their gut feeling, others have reported using CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer, which I used to use, with abysmal results — at least on Medium.

The main problem with current tools is that it takes away the human aspect of headlines. People click on emotion, whether they dare admit it or. There’s nothing logical about the headlines we click on. Tools favour clickbait titles, which a lot of readers on Medium simply hate.

I was trying to find a tool that would tell me *exactly* if people would click my headlines are not.

In a private group I’m part of, we share our headlines with each other and say if we’d click it or not, and why. This has been invaluable in our growth because the end result is that we’re getting more views and get curated and featured more regularly.

I had created an internal tool I called the Headline Smasher. The truth is, creating a tool to help everyone on that has been on my list for a while, and I knew exactly how to build it in less than a day (I’m writing on that approach soon).

The Headline Smasher was a good idea, and I wanted to bring it to everyone, so I created the tool I always meant to create. I call it:

Headline Ninja

And I got the coolest domain name for it ( Who doesn’t want to own a .ninja domain haha?

It’s a peer-reviewed platform where visitors can do these four things:

  1. View/search/filter currently stabbed (rated) headlines

  2. Stab (review) a headline

  3. Submit a headline

  4. View submitted headlines

It basically answers this question:

Would people click it?

Obviously, the more data we get, the more insights we can draw from it. Browsing through the Stabbed Headlines, you can find exactly what people would be clicking on. That helps you understand how to craft better headlines.

If you’re adventurous enough, you can submit your own headline and wait for people to stab it, or ask for your peers to stab it. Medium Mastery and The Writing Coop’s Slack group as great places to ask.

Any time someone honestly stabs (never thought that could be a thing) another person’s headline, everyone benefits from the knowledge.

It’s a collective intelligence that helps all of us write the best headlines possibles.

It is, in essence, the only way to know for sure if people would click your headline or not.

Check it out and use it before publishing your articles!

You deserve to get your work seen!