How to Effortlessly Meet New People and Boost Your Network In Life and Business

                                                 Photo by  Helena Lopes  on  Unsplash

                                                 Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

4 Ways to Meet More Interesting People

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” — Jim Rohn
  • How different would your life be if you met with your idols?
  • What if you were to hang out with them frequently?
  • What would your life be like if that was the case?
  • I’m sure you realize your life would be quite different, right?

Then why is it that we don’t realize that, even just around us, there are already great people that can change our lives for the better. We are too blind, fantasizing about idols that we don’t realize the incredible people around us.

Today I went to a coworking event where the speaker was giving his top tips on how to handle social media marketing, a topic I’m very interested about for Soul Reaper and Viking Boutique.

I was fascinated by his tips, and him as a person. When he entered the field, he realized he had to seek expert advice to accelerate his learning. He sought out mentors who showed him the way.

Now I’m benefiting from his learnings, but that’s not all! A few of us stayed after the presentation and discussed our projects, ideas and more. I met incredible people doing incredible things.

I didn’t even have to step out the door from the office!


Here are 4 tested ways to meet more interesting people:

1. Get Off Your Couch and Attend Events

When’s the last time you attended an even in a field you’re interested in?

In every major city, there are always events you can go to meet new people. Sometimes it will be a waste of time, but sometimes you’ll hit jackpot and make a strong connection.

If I didn’t go to the event, I wouldn’t have met the speaker and the other attendees. Now, he invited me to work from his office for a day. Just being around these geniuses at what they do, I will learn so much about social media marketing.


2. Recognize All the Greatness Around You

How often do you inquire about other people?

Sometimes you don’t realize that someone around you is actually amazing.

I mean, be truly interested in what they have to say. A lot of times you’ll realize people you’ve known for a while are actually quite amazing. But in this day and age, we rarely take time to catch up, for real, with people we know.

Most people will not tell you their stories unless you ask them. Probably surprisingly to you, I’m guilty of not opening up in person. If you don’t ask me what I do, I probably will just ask about you. Dare ask deep questions!


3. Don’t Listen to Mom, Talk to Strangers

How often do you engage in a conversation with a random stranger?

Just the day before, I was at another WeWork location, and I saw this Viking-looking Indian guy, I was fascinated by his looks, especially since I own Viking Boutique. Without really thinking, I arranged to meet him. Turns out he’s in charge of brand and events for WeWork. He is one of the most interesting people I met. And he’s got connections at Comic-Con, which is perfect for Viking Boutique.

If I listened to the advice of not talking to strangers, I would not have met him. And now he could turn out to be one of the most important connections I made it India.


4. The World Isn’t So Scary, Go Out and Travel

Are there any destinations you haven’t been too because someone told you it was unsafe?

When I left Toronto to travel the world for a year, I tried to stay with locals as much as possible. I did that by using Couchsurfing and Airbnb mostly.

When the trip was over and my wife and I reflected on our trip, we both agreed that the best thing about our travels was not the sights we saw or the things we did, but the incredible people we met.

And you don’t need to leave for as long as we did. Just make sure that when you travel, make it your missions statement to embrace the culture, meet the people, and be open-minded. You’ll meet the most incredible people and come out happier and more grateful for it.



Do you realize now that life is all about the people you meet and how you interact with them?

Do you feel the need to connect, or reconnect with people you know? Hear their stories out?

The people you met yesterday shaped who you are today, the people you meet today will shape who you’ll be tomorrow.

The more events you attend, the more you recognize greatness around you, the more you talk to strangers and the more you travel, the more interesting people you’ll meet.

  • Take note of any events you might be interested in happening this month;
  • Take note of people you surround yourself with, at work, at home, for your hobbies;
  • Take note of the strangers you meet and would like to at least just say “hi” to them; and
  • Take note of places you’d like to travel to.

With all this exercise, you should have a good list of people that can help you expand your network. Remember, you never know the greatness around you until 1. you reflect on your surroundings, and 2. you dare talking to other people.

If you’re an introvert like me, try connecting one-on-one. I promise it’s much easier!

Making meaningful connections. Building better relationships. Surrounding yourself with the right people. All that starts with doing what is necessary to meet people.

You can do this!

Thanks for reading, clapping, sharing and following! :)

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