53 Excuses You Need To Avoid Like The Plague

                                     Photo by  Sharon McCutcheon  on  Unsplash

                                     Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Regain Wasted Time By Concentrating Your Energy In The Right Place

If only I <insert lame excuse here>, I would be <insert ambitious goal here>.” — Every single one of us

You’ve been there too, haven’t you?

Like most people, I made shitty excuses for my shortcomings.

I probably still do.

Part of my reason for doing a self-development week is to get rid of these lame excuses once-and-for-all!

The Self-Improvement Week
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Below is a list of 53 of these excuses, borrowed from Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

Highlight those that apply to you. If you so dare, share your story in the comments below. I will do it for myself below the list to inspire you.


If only:

  1. I had time
  2. I had money
  3. I had enough “pull”
  4. I had a good education
  5. I had good health
  6. I had been given a chance
  7. I had been born rich
  8. I had embraced past opportunities
  9. I had the talent that some people have
  10. I had somebody to help me
  11. I had the personality of some people
  12. I had not failed
  13. I had not been born under the wrong star
  14. I had not lost my money
  15. I had a business of my own
  16. I did not have a wife and family
  17. I did not fear about what they would say
  18. I did not have to keep house and look after the children
  19. I did not have so many worries
  20. I did not have to work so hard
  21. I did not have a past
  22. I could get a job
  23. I could live my life over again
  24. I could do what I want
  25. I could meet the right people
  26. I could just get started
  27. I could just get a break
  28. I could only get out of debt
  29. I could marry the right person
  30. I could save some money
  31. I were only younger
  32. I were only free
  33. I were not so fat
  34. I were sure of myself
  35. I dared assert myself
  36. times were better
  37. other people understood me
  38. other people didn’t “have it in for me”
  39. other people didn’t get on my nerves
  40. other people were not so dumb
  41. other people would only listen to me
  42. everybody didn’t oppose me
  43. conditions around me were only different
  44. now had a chance
  45. nothing happens to stop me
  46. the boss only appreciated me
  47. my family understood me
  48. my family were not so extravagant
  49. lived in a big city
  50. lived in a different neighbourhood
  51. my talents were known
  52. knew how
  53. luck were not against me


These excuses are so old… This list was compiled 80 years ago. It goes to show that we haven’t evolved that much since then. And let’s not kid ourselves, that list existed way before 80 years ago!

We, as humans, just like to point fingers somewhere else. We don’t like to take responsibility for our own actions or inactions. We make these lame excuses all the time.

“The moment you accept total responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life is the day you claim the power the change ANYTHING in your life.” -Hal Elrod

Next time, you catch yourself saying “if only…”, just stop yourself. Or finish your sentence and realize how shitty of an excuse it is. See how you can turn that around.


My Turn

Let me give it a shot with my excuses:

1. “If only I had time” => plan better, delegate

2. “If only I had money” => find a job, sell something, learn valuable skills, etc. This is actually an easy one since the possibilities are limitless. Heck, write a Medium story for members, make it half decent, use the proper tags and you’ll make a few bucks right there!

17. “If only I did not fear about what they would say” => Who do you live your life for? Listen to experts on the subject, trust in yourself, screw the rest!

20. “If only I did not have to work so hard” => Then don’t. See the big picture. Does it help your long-term goals? Or getting yourself out of the day-to-day grind to reflect would be better? What about a self-improvement week?

25. “If only I could meet the right people” => Have you even searched how to get in touch with them? If so, did you send them a message? Once? Twice? Sixteen times?

31. “If only I were only younger” => Dude, you’re only 31… (the fact that this is point 31 is a pure coincidence)

40. “If only other people were not so dumb” => I feel guilty for thinking that sometimes. Am I really superior to others? Danny, look yourself in the mirror, you’re just as “dumb”, if not more sometimes!

47. “If only my family understood me” => It’s okay not to be understood by everyone, even your family. Everyone lives different lives. The person who understands that is the bigger person.

51. “If only my talents were known” => Have you even shown them your talents? Keep trying. Plan better, try harder!

Now It’s Your Turn!

What excuses do you make for yourself? Hopefully not that many. If it is many, strongly consider taking time to reflect on yourself.

Do that in your journal, in your mind, or publicly here, it doesn’t matter. But go through that exercise!

You’ll realize how much potential you’re missing on by making all these excuses. Once you take responsibility, you’ll have clarity and regain wasted time by channeling your energy in the right place.

You can do this!

Thanks for reading and sharing! :)

First published here: https://medium.com/swlh/53-excuses-you-need-to-avoid-like-the-plague-a16c919a9eec