How Fabricated Luck Can Turn You Into A World-Class Performer — And How To Fabricate It Yourself

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I’m a very “lucky” guy.

Everything great that happens to me is an “accident”.

It’s not the first time I’m writing on this subject, but it bears repeating since it’s really powerful.

The more I talk to other successful writers here, and other successful people in other disciplines; the more obvious it becomes to me:

We rarely achieve what we set out to do.

But it’s not all bad.

Think about it.

Go five years back in your thinking.

Back then, where did you see yourself in five years?

Is it where you are now?

Now, let’s do a little reflection.

If it is where you saw yourself, are you happy with it?

If it is not where you saw yourself, are you happy with it?

I’m willing to bet that if you are where you thought you would be, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows like you thought it would be.

On the other hand, if you are not where you thought you would be, well, it could go either way. You can be happy or unhappy.

How To Fabricate Luck Yourself

So what do I mean by “fabricated” luck?

It’s something unintentional that happens as a result of doing something else, but in a related — yet seemingly unrelated — matter.

When I set out to improve my writing, I didn’t aim for the top.

I only cared about self-improvement. I didn’t research how to make money by writing. I didn’t go for cash-grabs or quick fixes.

Being world-class at anything requires tons of effort and careful planning.

When I chose to improve my writing, I studied how to write compelling stories.

I was consistent in my writing. I was writing about things people wanted to read. I was authentic. I was honest. I was vulnerable. I wrote from my own experiences.

However, I didn’t know then that it would have been a “recipe for success”.

But that’s not all. It started the month before, when I researched how to become better at public speaking and how to tell stories. I practiced those skills for a full month.

Oh, but wait! It really started when I learned skill x, y, z.

You see my point?

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”―Robert Greene, Mastery

THAT is how you fabricate your own luck!

How Fabricated Luck Can Turn You Into A World-Class Performer

I didn’t aim to become a writer.

I didn’t aim to write a book.

I didn’t even aim to write stories here on Medium.

In fact, until three months ago, I didn’t know how to tell stories, let alone write them. For the most part, it just happened by “accident”.

In my short journey as a writer on Medium, I got published by one of the top publications and became a top writer in 8 different categories: Inspiration, Travel, Self-Improvement, Life, Life Lessons, Entrepreneurship, Productivity and Startup. This morning I noticed I was top 3 in Travel and top 5 in Inspiration!

And I’m not saying that to brag. There are people on Medium who are WAY better than I am.

Writing On Medium

I mentioned it above: I didn’t aim to become a writer.

It was just part of the 3 skills I was working towards learning for January.

I just wanted to be better at writing. Yet 5 days after I started writing, I got published. One thing led to another and I became a top writer in 23 days. I couldn’t believe it. I only wanted to improve, not become a top writer. I thought I could get published after 6 months of practicing!

I was definitely lucky. I see tons of great stories on Medium that don’t get the attention they deserve.

But my luck was “fabricated”.

The 3 new skills a month framework I built for myself set me up for success.

All the components were there for it to happen, I just arranged them in a way for it to trigger.

My Third Business

When I failed to launch my 3rd business, I joined a team who pitched to the same investors and got the funding (I didn’t). I learned so much about business, backend development and made tons of important connections by joining them.

We ultimately released a game that reached top charts in the app store and made millions of dollars.

I was lucky to meet the other company, but it happened because I was pitching to the same investors, did a good enough impression on them and the other team, and of course, played tons of games growing up, so I knew what I was talking about!

But I didn’t aim to make a game, let alone make good profit on one.


Luck can be “fabricated”. Fabricated luck is something unintentional that happens as a result of doing something else, but in a related, yet seemingly unrelated, matter.

To be “lucky”, you have to do shit. You have to get out of bed, put some pants on and get cracking.

The more you do, the more things will align and provide a path for you.

Seemingly unrelated skills will come together in ways you never thought they could. They will make you authentic. They will make you interesting. And they will ultimately make you world-class, in ways you never thought you could be.

You can do this!

Thanks for reading and sharing ! :)

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