Devlog #2: End of July 2017 Updates

July has been a pretty solid month for Power Level Studios. After all the hard work from the past few months to build a solid prototype, we were ready to share Soul Reaper with the world, and the response has been pretty good.

The Square Enix Campaign


It has been going strong with 80% Like. It started out at 94% for the first few days but dropped almost consistently the days after. The reason is likely because we heavily promoted it in our channels first, which were already favorable to the project. And then came the new people who were not familiar with Soul Reaper yet. It is a niche game after all.

New features!

Announced during our first devlog on Medium, we added exploration tools and a minimap. More info here.

New promotion channels

We added GameJoltLikeMindedd and to our promotion channels. Previously, we only had IndieDB. We try to be active daily on all these channels.

Lots and lots of Stories on Medium

We try to be creative, original and helpful. We wrote 8 posts (9 including this one) this month on Medium. Here they are:

Story #1: The life of a nomadic indie (console) game developer

BIG NEWS: Square Enix is featuring Soul Reaper on their Collective platform!!!

Opinion: Are procedurally generated levels all that great?

To Kickstarter or not to Kickstarter in 2017

Tried and True: 5 tips on building a game prototype

Opinion: How important is the story in RPGs?

Dev Update #1: A little more like Zelda

Tried and True: 5 tips on working with a fully remote team

We filmed a Kickstarter video

We’re not putting the video together yet, but we assembled the team, rented professional-quality equipment and did our best to film a good Kickstarter video. See our previous post on why we are not doing a Kickstarter yet.

What’s coming up in August?

The main things happening in August will be wrapping Square Enix Collective up, designing new monsters for the lava section of the vault and applying for grants!

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