What Are You Most Proud Of From The Last 3 Months?

This morning I had a chat with a friend I met in Cambodia last year. We hadn’t spoken for 4 months.

And when he asked me what’s new in my life, there was just way to much to give a proper answer.

So we caught up on each other’s life, and he asked me that question:

“What are you most proud of from the last 3 months?”

It’s a great question.

I had not thought about it. Of all the things I learned. Of all the things I did. It was hard to pick one I’m most proud of.

My answer was: sticking to the habit of learning 3 new skills a month. It’s a great habit. I’m proud of it.

Sometimes in life we’re lost and think we’re not good at anything. Most people have been through that.

But I like this question.

3 months is a long enough period that it’s likely you did something you’re proud of. Recognize it. Hang on to it.

Pride is a strong feeling. It can lift you up. In day-to-day life, we don’t spend enough time recognizing the things we’re proud of.

Pride brings happiness. Pride builds confidence.

What are you most proud of from the last 3 months?

Hopefully you don’t have to think too hard. Good habits are a good start. Stopping a bad habit is also a good starting point. Earning praise for something you did, finishing something you started, acting on something you didn’t think you could, etc. These are all good.

The next time I write in my journal, I’ll give this more thought. I’ll go back further. I want to build on this pride.


Review your last 3 months. Think about the thing you’re most proud of. Why are you proud of it? How did you get to it?

Pride is a strong feeling all of us should have. Hang on to it.

You can do this!

Thanks for reading and sharing ! :)

First published here: https://medium.com/@danny_forest/what-are-you-most-proud-of-from-the-last-3-months-a06886b398cf