The Ultimate Daily Excuse-Free 20 Minute Workout Routine

I’m not the most fit guy out there.

I’m busy. I’m working 15 hours per day, from 4am to 7pm.

I’m a nomad, I don’t stay in the same place for long.

I’ve got 3 good excuses not to work out every day.

I likely work more hours than you do and my environment is likely less stable than yours. I can’t get gym memberships because I move around too much.

Yet I work out daily. No excuses.

It only takes 20 minutes every day and doesn’t require any equipment.

How It Started

Last month, I had a stable enough place to stay that I actually did get a gym membership for a month. I worked out 3 times a week, full-body workout.

But then a friend from the co-working space I worked from was telling me about a 100 push-ups a day challenge. I was intrigued and started doing it. He joined me one or two days after.

We thought it would be hard to do. Well, it was for the first few days. Especially because I was already exhausted from my workout a few hours before.

We did four sessions in the first week. We did between 35 and 15 pushups per session. I reached 100 on the first day. By the end of the week, I could do 100 in 2 sessions. The next week I could do 200 in 3 sessions. But it was not only me, my friend improved a lot as well.

And quickly, our group grew bigger and bigger. People started joining the challenge.

But at the end of the month, I was leaving Málaga. No more gym. No more friends to work out with. I had to come up with something.

The Ultimate Daily Excuse-Free 20 Minute Workout Routine

What a name!

I’ll repeat what I said above:

It only takes 20 minutes every day and doesn’t require any equipment.

I’m doing it every day from my hotel room in Sevilla from 6:45 to 7:05. In fact, I just finished doing it now, which is the reason I’m inspired to write about it.

With this routine, I work out most muscles groups, and I’m seeing very visible changes to my body. Very rapidly too. I also got way stronger.

The Broad Idea

I do 5 sets of 20 reps for 3 different exercises. The exercises are the same every day. I’m thinking of changing them on a monthly basis.

I do 20 reps of exercise a), immediately followed by 20 reps of exercise b), immediately followed by 20 reps of exercise c). I rest between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, but more frequently it’s about 1 minute.

Rinse and repeat 5 times.

I warn you, it’s quite intense. Start with less reps if a total of 100 is too much for you.

My Exercises

I do 100 pushups, 100 squats and 100 dips every day. With these, I work out the body parts I care about.

These are good exercises for men. Pushups and dips may be a little less interesting for women. My previous colleague liked to do planks. She was a pro. Feel free to mention your favourite exercises in the comments section below.

I’ve seen significant changes in my pectorals, my legs and my triceps. I had never been able to grow my pectorals until I did that.

But I warn you again, if you’re not in a good shape, this is intense. I’m not in the best shape either. But I fight through it.

The changes in looks and strength are too good not to continue doing it.


Resting is an important step. My body recovers really fast, both because it’s now used to it, and because I eat a lot of protein.


Do not strain yourself with this. If your body is sore and aching all over, take a day’s rest. This is not a competition. It’s all about being in better shape.


Forget the excuses.

This workout routine yields impressive results for “minimal” effort.

Do it daily, reap the rewards and thank me later!

You can do this!

Thanks for reading and sharing ! :)

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