Do Talk To Strangers And Get Inspired By Their Stories

Yesterday I was walking down the streets of Montreal with my wife in search of an independent coffee shop so we could refuge ourselves from the cold.

The funny thing is, it wasn’t even that cold. At least not for the Montrealers. It was about -8 degrees Celcius. They had seen -30 and -40 the month before.

But when you’ve been in Spain or Central African Republic for over 3 months, that is COLD!

How cold does it get where you’re from?

Anyway, after a few minutes we stumbled upon a Café called Melbourne Café. It seemed inviting, so we went in.

Our barista was adamant about not making us Americanos. He insisted on us getting the filtered coffee.

He was right. It was amazing coffee!

We minded our own business until we were about to leave, and I asked the owner about the origins of his coffee.

That led to an inspiring story about how he become co-owner of the place, how he’s working on expanding, opening new shops and more.

His plans for 2018 were great, full of incredible ventures, stories and plans on how to make it all happen.

We introduced and shook hands. It was a meaningful encounter, completely triggered by a simple question and a ton of curiosity.

So my point is this: you don’t have to look too far for inspiration. The next time you go to your locally-owned store, spark a conversation with the owner. Be interested in their story.

They’ll tell you how the place came to be, what hardships they had to go through, how they overcome them and how it is what it is today.

In addition to receiving better service next time, you’ll have learned valuable life lessons.

And for those wondering, the coffee came from Ethiopia, roasted near Quebec city.

It was delicious and I highly recommend the place. Prices were good too.

Here’s the co-owner’s Instagram:


Every local shop has their own story. Dare ask for it. Get inspired by it. You’ll make a new friend and have ideas for your own goals, both in life and in business.

Thanks for reading and sharing ! :)

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