Are you proficient in certain skills?

Do you want to help others learn skills you already know?

 Are you looking for a place to promote yourself or your brand?

You just might be in the right place!

Expert Trainers Wanted

“Danny is an accommodating and excellent host, friendly and open, and with a desire to improve the lives of as many as possible.”
— Rosemarie Barnes (

SkillUp Academy is looking for people just like you to run one or multiple training sessions on skills you are good at. You prepare the content the way you’re comfortable with and in a way you think will help trainees best. The suggested formats are: Lecture, Workshop, or Interview, but we’re open for anything you can think of.

The release is on May 1st 2019! All training sessions will be live and recorded, then published to YouTube and as a podcast episode shortly after. Minor edits will be done to improve audio quality, but content remains the same. Once published, they are made available in the Library, where trainees can rate using a simple 5-star system.

We will link to any website and social media accounts of your choice for the video, podcast and the Library.

Sounds fun?

If you answer with a resounding “yes”, please fill out the following form and we’ll get back to you ASAP. If you have any questions, please use the Drift chat box on the bottom-right of the website.

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In this live training session, Michael Tranmer teaches us how to avoid 5 common mistakes new coaches make. But it goes beyond that. If you're an entrepreneur, these mistakes will happen to you too I guarantee it! Expect high energy throughout the session! Subscribe for more training sessions on a diverse set of skills.