Bad Parrot App


Currently in development


It all started when…

I bought my Jaybird X3 bluetooth headphones.

I was listening to a podcast or a self help video on my computer and casually walked to the kitchen to cook dinner.

I didn't have to carry anything, the audio followed me and I was able to continue listening without interruption while cooking. 

I was baffled. It was a revelation for me.

But the problem is, a lot of the stuff I wanted to listen to was text content, like Medium, Quora, or even my Slack and email messages.

So I did research to see if there were any good products out there to do that. I wanted to listen to those while walking to and from work.

And I found nothing that really stood out.

So I made it.

The Problem is: I suck at visual stuff, so it looked like shit.

But not for much longer!

I teamed up with my buddy, Little Bastard, and he's turning it into a really nice, useable product.

Stay tuned for updates on that!