Accountability for Accountable People

Do you want to 10x your productivity almost instantly by using a simple, yet scientifically proven method?


Hi, I'm Danny

I'm a top writer on, writing about Travel, Inspiration, Self Improvement, Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Life, Life Lessons, Startup, Photography, and more. My stories have inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

But outside of writing, I'm a Serial Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Photographer, and Constant Learner.


Are you like I was and would LOVE to work on side projects or start a business on the side while still working at your current job?

Accountability is the way

You come back from work completely exhausted and can't conjure the energy to make it happen. I was like that too. And believe it or not, there are millions of people like us too.

Imagine all the wasted potential.

You could be working on your dream project and make an impact in this world, if only you could find it in you to just start, build some momentum and keep at it.

And it's so fucking hard. Again, I know, I've been there.

But things changed when I changed this aspect of my life:


I became ACCOUNTABLE for the things I'm doing.

In six months only:

I learned 18 new skills

I got involved in 7 different projects

I met prolific writers

I gained 7kg of muscles

I released a video game

I got published by renown publications

I became a top writer on multiple sites

and more.

Photo: Me pretending to be cool in San Diego, California

What does being accountable mean?

In its simplest form, it means you owe "something" to "someone".

Think about your previous attempts at starting something. A side project for example.

  • Why did you (want to) do it?

  • Who did you do it for?

  • Was it necessary?

  • What/who forced you to do it?

  • What were the resources associated with doing it (money, people, etc)?


A powerful method to push you to action is what's called the SUNK COST.

An easy example is a gym membership.

  • If you have a gym in your house or building, how frequently do you actually use it?

  • Now, if you spent money on your gym membership, are you going more frequently?

Photo by  Justyn Warner  on  Unsplash


Quick Backstory

Back in January, I was in Málaga, Spain, and looked up the most expensive gym. I couldn't really afford it. If I went there, it meant I had to cut other places I didn't really want to.

But I decided to go there anyway. Getting up and going there was easy. I "sacrificed much" to have access to that gym. I HAD TO go, otherwise I would have wasted precious money and time. After it became a habit to go, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Not working out had actually become harder than working out.


This is key: not doing had become harder than doing!

THAT is the power of being accountable!

how can you help me be more accountable?

After months of research, I've found the simplest way to make this happen.

Remember, you need to owe something to someone.

So here's what that means for my Accountability for Accountable People Program (AAPP):

  1. You pay a small monthly subscription fee.

  2. You report your progress on a weekly basis.

  3. You get professional feedback to help you improve.


How does it actually work

Every week, I'll send you a simple online form to fill out. It should take you between 5 to 30 minutes depending on your reflection time. Then I go through each form submitted and provide feedback and productivity tips, as well as help you push through and reflect better on your goals.


Why pay you?

Paying for something automatically makes you more accountable. It has been scientifically proven many times. Plus, since I'm actually spending some of my time providing valuable tips and feedback, I need to get a little something in return ;)

What about my privacy?

All form information is stored securely on a Google Spreadsheet and is only accessible by me and my program team.

Your answers to the form will NEVER be shared with anyone. You do NOT have to write anything you're not comfortable me reading.


Will I really 10x my productivity instantly?

You just might! I don't guarantee it. Everyone is different. That's why I'm giving everyone the first TWO WEEKS FREE!

It worked for me. It worked for many more people I know. It works for the top high performers in the world.

And I believe I've created the simplest system there is, while still completely achieving the intended results of a great accountability program.

And on top of that, it's really quite cheap!

Imagine spending $22 per month to 10x your results!


Can I do this for free?

Yes you can. Just not with this program, because the sunk cost is part of it.


How about you get a friend to follow through a similar exercise? That would not cost you anything and would help you both. That's how I started.


Why should I use the Accountability for Accountable People Program?

Simple: the sunk cost and the valuable tips and feedback you'll receive each period. You may be able to 2x or 3x your results with a friend. But if you've truly serious, you could get 10x or more using the AAPP.

Can I get a refund? Can I cancel anytime?

I'm using Paypal. You can cancel anytime, and issue refunds, provided it respects their terms and conditions.

Are there additional perks?

Yes there are! I'm offering tons of stuff along your journey to accountability:


1. FREE PDF copy of 31 Days to Success Volume II

Receive a FREE PDF copy of 31 Days to Success Volume II on your first week. It's worth $9 on Amazon Kindle.


2. FREE sponsor eBooks

Receive FREE sponsor eBooks. The rotation changes every so often, so stick around!


3. Credits Toward Coaching

Every dollar spent on the AAPP counts towards personal one-on-one coaching. For each spending of $100 on the AAPP, you're eligible to claim a FREE 15-minute live coaching session.


4. Exclusive eBook: 90 Days to Success

After 2 months, receive a free exclusive eBook: 90 Days to Success.


5. Discounts for partner products

List to be announced soon.

6. Early Access

Early Access to some other similar products I'm working on.