Our Mission

Forest Co’s mission is to help people grow in a better world.

What we do

We currently help you in three areas:

  • Stay accountable;

  • Learn new skills;

  • Become more adaptable.

We do that through tools, services, programs, and coaching.

Meet Danny, the founder of Forest Co

Danny having fun in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Danny having fun in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Technologist | Polymath | Educator | Entrepreneur | Engineer


Inspired by Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Leonardo Da Vinci, I have succeeded in a variety of fields including software engineering, writing, photography, game designing, e-commerce, drawing etc. and am continually improving my skillset by learning 3 skills a month every month. Time is one of the most valuable things to me and I believe in utilizing it 100% to help people thrive. To make every second count, I carefully and obsessively plan my schedule for each day and delegate whatever tasks I can to my helpers. I “work” 14 hours a day and would much rather do that than anything else.

People know me as a genuine and honest person and I don’t write or do things for popularity or money. Considering all this you might find it a surprise that I am a big time metalhead and often sleep and meditate on it. You might also find it a surprise that I find people distract me, I hate talking to people at work.


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Serial Entrepreneur

I'm a serial entrepreneur who has started 7 different companies. The most recent ones are Power Level Studios and Forest Co.

Software Engineer

I'm a Software Engineer who has experience in many different aspects of the profession. See my LinkedIn profile.


I'm a top writer in Travel, Inspiration, Entrepreneurship, Photography, Life, Life Lessons, Self Improvement,  Startups and Productivity on Medium.com. I write from The StartupThrive GlobalThe Ascent and Power Level Studios. I'm currently the #2 Education and Inspiration, and #3 in Entrepreneurship on Medium.com. I also contribute to Entrepreneur and Thought Catalog magazines.


I'm a semi-professional photographer, taking photos for Sundara Fund and WeWork.

Constant Learner

I learn 3 new skills every month and like to try everything, so long as it's interesting and useful.